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How to rent an apartment

Uppsala Bostadsförmedling is the main provider of rental apartments with first hand contracts in the Uppsala region. By registering in the housing queue, you will be able to search and apply for rental apartments from over 50 different housing companies. On this page you can read all you need to know on how to rent an apartment from Uppsala Bostadsförmedling.

About Uppsala Bostadsförmedling

Uppsala Bostadsförmedling is a communal housing service that offers rental apartments from over 50 different housing companies and landlords. All apartments listed on our website comes with first hand contracts and are managed by established housing companies. The process of renting an apartment through Uppsala Bostadsförmedling is safe and reliable.

How do I rent an apartment through Uppsala Bostadsförmedling?

In order to rent an apartment, you have to be registered in the housing queue. When registered you can search and apply for the apartments available on our listing page. In order to get an apartment, you will have to meet the landlord’s criteria for the apartment. In case multiple people meets the criteria, the apartment will go to the applicant with the longest queue time. You will start collecting queue time as soon as you register in the housing queue and pay the queue fee of 305 SEK.

Register in the housing queue

Apartment listing

Please note that the apartment listing will show available apartments all over the Uppsala region. Use the filter-box to only get results based on your preferences.

Does Uppsala Bostadsförmedling provide different types of apartments?

Uppsala Bostadsförmedling provides different types of rental apartments. The majority of the apartments are available for everyone but there are also student housing, collective housing and senior housing – an alternative that is suitable for the needs of elder people. Regardless of the housing type the apartments listed on our website are unfurnished.

Does it cost to get an apartment through Uppsala Bostadsförmedling?

The cost of being registered in the housing queue is 305 SEK per year. Paying the annual queue fee enables you to apply for the apartments listed on our listing page. If you choose not to pay the queue fee you will be deregistered from the housing queue and lose your queue time. When you get an apartment and have signed the rental contract you also pay a mediation fee. The mediation fee is 800 SEK except for student housing (500 SEK). When signing a contract for an apartment with a short-term contract you do not have to pay any mediation fee.

How does the mediation process work?

After applying for an apartment, you will be able to follow the process on our website while logged on to your account. If you are among the applicants with the longest queue time you will be invited to a viewing, in case such is offered. Apart from regular viewings there are digital viewings and floorplan viewings.

The next step is for you to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether you are still interested or not. Before answering ‘yes’ you must have uploaded the required documents specified in the housing ad to your account.

We will then ensure that you meet the landlord’s criteria by verifying your information, including your uploaded documents and certificates. After completing the verification process, we will send your application to the housing company and suggest you as the new tenant.

Do not hesitate to contact us

We offer a high level of customer service and you are always welcome to contact us regarding any questions you might have.




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