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Student housing in Uppsala

Welcome to Uppsala! By registering in our housing queue you can search and apply for different types of student housing from three of Uppsala’s biggest landlords. Exclusively first-hand contracts and a safe and reliable mediation process.

How does it work? 

Step 1 – The first step is to register in the housing queue. As soon as you have completed the registration and paid the queue fee (305 SEK) you will be able to apply for vacant accommodations.

Step 2 – Search among the student housing on our website and submit a notice of interest when finding something that suits you. Your notice of interest will be sorted based on your accumulated queuing time.

Step 3 – If you are among the applicants with the longest queueing time you will be invited to a viewing of the apartment (in case there is one). In some cases the viewing is mandatory and in some cases optional.

Step 4 – After verifying that you fulfill the landlord’s criteria for the accommodation we will hand over your application and suggest you as the new tenant to the landlord. The landlord then makes the final decision and contacts you regarding the signing of the contract.

Step 5 – All that’s left after signing the contract is for you to pay the mediation fee. Other than that you can now relax and look forward towards moving into your new home!

Can international students register in the housing queue?

Yes, as an international student you can register in the housing queue and apply for student housing. You do not need to have a Swedish social security number (personnummer) in order to register in the housing queue.

Helpful information

When registered, you can also search and apply for other types of housing, such as ordinary apartments, collective housing and youth apartments. Also, when getting a student accommodation from us you keep your accumulated queueing time. This helps you to apply for other housing both during and after your time at the university.

Register in the housing queue